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Podiumfit.ie-Professional Bike Fitting Service

Podiumfit.ie - Professional Bike Fitting Service

Bike Fitting

While most bikes are technically sound, improper positioning on the bike can result in a disappointing ride, pain and sometimes injury! Proper fitting ensures maximum comfort and a great ride with superior power/wattage.  Anything less means riding with sore/numb hands, feet, derriere and inefficient performance!! Eliminate a number of different types of aches and pains, back pain and numbness in hands and legs to name a few, by getting a proper bike fit by one of Bikefit certified bike fitters (also a qualified Physical and Manipulative Therapist with over 15 years experience) using a combination of laser, power wattage and body geometry and specialising in pedal/cleat positioning.

Some common problems from a badly fitted bike:

podiumfit.ie - Bike Fit     

        -    Numbness in hands and/or feet
        -    Saddle sores
        -    Hot spots on the feet
        -    Sore neck/shoulders/back
        -    Erectile Dysfunction
        -    General Discomfort

                                If you suffer for any of the above it is time to get you bike professionally fitted by the guys in podiumfit.ie

Fitting Available

From The Injury Clinic, Carndonagh, Co. Donegal, The Yoga & Pilates Centre, Templemore Business Park, Northland Road, Derry, or for group/club bookings travel to a venue can be arranged

Pricing information:

A PodiumFit Bike fit takes roughly 90-120mins costing euro 80 at clinic in Carndonagh or stg 80 at the Yoga & Pilates Centre in Derry.  Cleat setting: euro 30 / stg 25

  Benefits of a professional Bikefit

1. Reduce the risk of injuries
2. Increased comfort
3. Increased physical performance
4. Faster recovery
5. It is difficult, if not impossible, to fit yourself on a bike

This is why there are people who specialize in bike fitting: it is a very demanding, scientific process that few of us have any reason to understand, let alone perfect. Especially for the average rider, once you get your bike set up properly, you wont have to think about it until you buy your next bike!  And if you are buying an expensive dream bike, dont you think you should invest  to get it set up specifically for you?

Would you run a marathon is shoe that don't fit? Then why ride a bike that doesn't fit ?

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