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Swim, Bike or Run Training individually or all together

-    Struggling to reach your full potential?
-    Need help achieving your main training goal/race?
-    Need someone to keep an eye on you, or to make sure you are not overtraining?

Then Podiumfit.ie is here to help!

Offering fully personalised, progressive training plans that suit your time frame/level/ability/budget and that will build your fitness levels while keeping you motivated and leaving you PodiumFit for your target races.

A range of services on offer ranging from detailed bespoke training programmes to one of our block training programmes.

Fully qualified swim, cycling, running, triathlon, mountain biking & Strength & Conditioning coaches, as well as Nutritionists, Physical/Manipulative Therapists, Bike Fitter and athletes who have completed in and finished some of the Worlds hardest endurance challenges, we have all the tools to help you reach your potential whether it be qualify for the Triathlon World Championships, finish an Ironman Triathlon or just get a PB in your next 5k we have a plan that suits you.

Bespoke Training Plans

As the name suggests bespoke training plans are tailored to your needs, requirements and ability. Bespoke training plans adapt and adjust throughout their life-cycle and are specific to you and your developing ability. As you become stronger, fitter and faster to increase your performance or further develop your capabilities the training plan must and should adjust to meet those needs. Additionally if you are taking a multi-sport training plan it is possible that you may need specific targeted work in one area or discipline and this is where bespoke training plans come into their own. Bespoke Training plans make sure you are the best you can be when you need to be..... Whats in a bespoke training plan ? assessment, direction, review, training diary Training Peaks and knowledge.

Bespoke Training Plans Costs Here

Self-Directed Training Plan:

Not everyone likes a coach breathing down their neck checking up on them and like a certain degree of freedom to move things around a little themselves, but also like the security that one is available to make sure that they are on the right track.

SDPs will start with an initial consultation outlining your goals, training levels, available training times and other commitments. We will then create your own personalised training plan directed to helping you achieve your training goals and reach the start line of your target race in the best possible condition. There will be no interaction with the coach useless required when addition consultations can be arranged at an addition cost.

Charges differ depending on the length of the plan so email paddy@podiumfit.ie for further information.

Sample Prices:

16 week training plan including consultation and Training Peaks account €90/£80

20 week training plan including consultation and Training Peaks account €120/£105

Self Directed Training Plans Costs Here

Off the Shelf

Just need a training plan? Well we offer a wide range of plans for a range of sports, levels of ability and duration.

We offer everything from a 16 week finish your first Sprint Triathlon or 100 mile Sportif, Completing your first Adventure race, to Breaking your Marathon PB, up to a 6 month Ironman training plans.

Starting from €30/£25 which includes a basic Training Peaks account but no consultations.

Off the Shelf Training Plans Costs Here

Club Coaching:

Podiumfit coaches are also available to prepare training plans for Clubs or attend Clubs to give information talks or training camps. Please contact paddy@podiumfit.ie for more information and pricing.

Podiumfit.ie Coaching   

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Dont just be fit, be podiumfit.ie 

Podiumfit.ie is your one-stop shop for optimum sports performance

We do things slightly differently as we not only look after your training, but also your equipment setup , your diet, your body, your training zones & fitness levels.

Our dedicated coaching staff devote their time, effort, experience and knowledge to ensuring that every minute, every drop of sweat, every heartbeat is making you a better, stronger, faster athlete. Living by motto of

Don’t count the miles! Make the miles Count!