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There’s a certain breed of athlete out there that an Ironman or a marathon just isn’t tough or hard enough! They’d rather test their body’s limits, than worry about breaking a PB!

They pick events based on the challenge, not on how flat or fast it is, or if there’s a beach! No, the hillier, hotter, longer or extreme the better!

Normal training plans don’t cover these types of events, as it’s not deemed normal behaviour!!!  Tutt!

Well, us here at Podiumfit don’t do normal behaviour either!

Having completed some of the world's hardest and most extreme challenges ourselves, we know how different and difficult these events are, and that “normal” training and rules don’t apply.
We’re more than qualified and know what we’re talking about!

So, if running for 24hrs, cycling the length of the country non-stop (or both together!), or doing a double, triple, or Deca Ironman is more up your street then give us a shout for training plans tailored to your needs.

We’re either done or coached athletes to complete and win some the following races:

  • Ultra-marathons from 39.3 up to 100 miles
  • Multiple back to back marathons (official coach for www.extremenorthevents.com 4 marathons in 4 Days)
  • Extreme Ironman distance triathlons including the Norseman, The Celtman, The Brutal, The Braveheart Ben Nevis Triathlons & others
  • Ultra-Distance Triathlons (Double Ironman and longer)
  • Ultra-Distance Cycling events  including the 1350 mile non-stop Race Around Ireland
  • Ultra-Distance Swim Run events
  • 24hr Adventure Races

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Podiumfit.ie is your one-stop shop for optimum sports performance

We do things slightly differently as we not only look after your training, but also your equipment, your diet, your body, your training zones & fitness levels.

Our dedicated coaching staff devote their time, effort, experience and knowledge to ensuring that every minute, every drop of sweat, every heartbeat is making you a better, stronger, faster athlete. Living by motto of

Don’t count the miles! Make the miles Count!