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Podiumfit.ie - Strength & Conditioning

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 Professional Strength & Conditioning

Professional Strength & Conditioning: The best injury rehab is not to get injured in the first place.

A Functional Movement Screen and corrective Strength & Conditioning  (S&C) programme to correct imbalances, muscle weaknesses and joint limitations is the best plan of action if you are constantly getting injured, always carrying that hard to shift niggle that gets in the way once you hit heavy training, or breaking down just before your main race of the season.

With a full Functional Movement Screen we will access for muscle weaknesses or imbalances, or joint restrictions/limitations that may affect exercise performance or lend to an injury. From these results we will give you a fully personalised corrective plan and Strength & Conditioning programme.

Strength & Conditioning:

Many endurance athletes still consider Strength & Conditioning: with spending hours in the gym building unwanted muscle that will only slow them down, and opt to squeeze in another swim, bike or run session instead. What they are actually doing is missing out on one of the most effective training sessions available to them.

The benefits of Strength & Conditioning are numerous and wide ranging from: -Improved muscle endurance, strength and power, so they can go quicker, faster, longer -Improved muscle, tendon & ligament strength to help reduce soft tissue injuries -Increased bone density -Improved balance, co-ordination and agility and many more

At Podiumfit.ie we can supply you with completely personalised Strength & Conditioning programmes to suit your training goals (whether it be increase muscle size, power, strength, muscular endurance etc.) and sport and make you a better stronger athlete.


- Functional Movement Screen: €40/£30 including corrective S&C programme and exercises (1 Hour)
- S&C Programmes: €25/£20 for 8 week plan. Discounted for rolling Progressive periodised programmes
- One to One Session: €30/£25 facility charges may apply

Podiumfit.ie - Strength & Conditioning


Dont just be fit, be podiumfit.ie 

Podiumfit.ie is your one-stop shop for optimum sports performance

We do things slightly differently as we not only look after your training, but also your equipment, your diet, your body, your training zones & fitness levels.

Our dedicated coaching staff devote their time, effort, experience and knowledge to ensuring that every minute, every drop of sweat, every heartbeat is making you a better, stronger, faster athlete. Living by motto of

Don’t count the miles! Make the miles Count!