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Podiumfit.ie - Professional Diet Analysis & Food Plans

Podiumfit.ie - Professional Diet Analysis

 Professional Diet Analysis & Food Plans

Getting your nutrition & food spot on is key, whatever your individual goal is whether it be fat loss, maintain lean mass, chasing the elusive personal best or simply general health & fitness. It is the foundation on which everything else is built and an integral part for optimal recovery and fuelling your training needs. Here at Podiumfit.ie we feel that your nutrition is just as important as the putting in all the hard work on the roads and in the water.

At Podiumfit.ie, we offer bespoke nutritional packages that are tailor made to suit you, your lifestyle & training needs. We have a comprehensive assessment process whereby we find out your genetic set point for food intake, often referred to as one’s ‘metabolic type’. This way we can identify what foods and in what proportion is optimal for your particular body type, making it totally unique to you.  When we design a nutrition program for someone we provide you with a meal plan and advice on the foods you are meant to eat for your particular body type and energy demands.

No two people are the same, so an individualised approach is needed. Our system will be tailored to suit your goals and to how you exercise & train. Supplementation if needed will then be added depending on your goals and level of training. You will learn what it takes to eat to achieve your desired goal, covering every aspect from cooking at home, preparing for your chosen event/race day or making the most out of your workout nutrition. Advice will also be given on lifestyle factors that could assist in your training and ultimately achieving your goal.

 As part of our package you will be given your meal plan designed specifically for YOU and your lifestyle, likes & dislikes, special dietary requirements along with supporting documentation to help clearly explain all. Each plan will be totally unique, designed specifically for you by our coach and delivered by the post. Our programs are not sent by email, but are made with care and precision, printed, and delivered directly to your home.

There is also an option for additional support for 4 weeks after to fine tune your plan if so needed.

Services Available:

- Food Diary Analysis
- Sports Nutrition
- Body Composition Analysis (Using advanced software and skin fold testing)
- Menu and Recipe Analysis (Using advanced software)
- Presentations/Talks e.g. schools, workplaces - Corporate Wellness
- Vitality Weeks - One-Stop- Health MOTs

*Phone call to be initiated by client  .

**FMS, Testing & Bikefit will require client to travel to our clinic or organised testing day

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates Podiumfit.ie - Professional Nutrition advice


Dont just be fit, be podiumfit.ie 

Podiumfit.ie is your one-stop shop for optimum sports performance

We do things slightly differently as we not only look after your training, but also your equipment, your diet, your body, your training zones & fitness levels.

Our dedicated coaching staff devote their time, effort, experience and knowledge to ensuring that every minute, every drop of sweat, every heartbeat is making you a better, stronger, faster athlete. Living by motto of

Don’t count the miles! Make the miles Count!